July 26 Update: After reviewing the tentative agreement and attending recent information sessions, the OAGS and Section on General Surgery have jointly released a statement for its members: download document

Tentative Agreement Reached:

As of July 25... The OMA has CANCELED both the online membership referendum as well as the Special Council meeting originally scheduled for August 6 for ratification purposes. This was decision was determined by the OMA after having received a petition calling for a General Meeting of the Membership in order to vote on the tentative PSA on the whole instead. More details and a date for this General Meeting will be announced soon.

As of July 11... The OMA and the MOHLTC derived an unexpected tentative agreement. The highlights are as follows:

  • The OMA will once again be formally recognized as co-manager of health-care system resources and the Physician Services Budget (PSB).
  • The OMA and Ministry have agreed to set a predictable and sustainable annual PSB and to co-manage expenditures within that PSB over 4 years.
  • Modernization of the Schedule of Benefits is promised.
  • OMA Council will ratify agreement on August 6.
  • While this tentative Agreement does not contain binding arbitration, the OMA Charter challenge against the gov't will continue at this time.
  • Specific details can be found on the OMA website: www.oma.org (gated)
  • Members are urged to attend the OMA PSA roadshow near you, ask questions and get informed.
  • Check out Twitter Feeds: OAGS1 , #IVoteYes , #IVoteNo , OMA , Concerned Ontario Doctors , Your Ontario Doctors
  • OMA PSA Fact Sheet (gated)
  • OMA FAQ Sheet (gated) - New July22

Sources: OMA Press Release; MOHLTC Press Release

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