Job Search: How to Look for a General Surgery Position

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As you may know, General Surgery positions are not always readily posted. Traditionally, many positions in this field are filled through word of mouth. Slowly, this is changing. In the meantime, residents are encouraged to spread out into different communities when doing clinical rotations throughout your program and make as many contacts as possible, while also learning as many procedures as possible. Not everyone will get a position in a teaching hospital or urban centre. Smaller communities and remote areas are in growing need of General Surgeons, especially since a number of surgeons are starting to consider retirement.

What type of job is right for you?
Below are presentations given by Drs. Allan Okrainec and Grant Moffat addressed to residents at our OAGS Annual Meeting in 2008; they are still poignant to help with your job search.

  • Click here for Dr. Okrainec's presentation, "Negotiating and Starting a Job in an Academic Setting".
  • Click here for Dr. Moffat's presentation, "What Now?" (community setting)

Below are some job listings websites that may help you in your search:

NOTE: For more details on starting up a practice, visit our Practice Management page.