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Spring 2023

SURVEY: Western University - Schulich School of Medicine
Investigators: Dr. J.Lam, Western University
Impact of Family Dynamics and Home Life on Surgical Practice
You are being invited to participate in a study that seeks to understand the impact of family dynamics and home life on surgical practice. Please consider completing this anonymous survey.
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SURVEY: McMaster University
Complete Survey and Receive $10 Electronic Gift Card!
Gift Card Deadline: June 25, 2023
Investigators: Drs.C.Eskicioglu/ T.McKechnie, McMaster University
Prescribing Preoperative Weight Loss Prior to Major Non-Bariatric Abdominal Surgery in Obese Patients: A National Survey
You are being invited to participate in a national survey... The overall objective of this study is to assess current practice patterns in independent practising surgeons across Canada in terms of preop weight loss interventions for obese pts undergoing non-bariatric abdominal surgery.
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Research Committee: Drs. Julie Ann Vankoughnett (Chair) et al

Survey Requirements:
- Link to your survey
- Copy of your hospital/academic Research Ethics Board approval

Your package will be forwarded to the OAGS Research Committee for review and final approval before promotions begin.

Please note that we usually only post/circulate surveys that are lead/promoted by our own OAGS MEMBERS within Ontario – for FREE.  Otherwise, there is a calendar quarterly fee of $200.  In both cases, your request MUST be approved by the OAGS Research Committee. 

We do not divulge our contact list, nor do we usually send a special distribution (unless otherwise directed by the board depending on the content).  Instead, it will be posted on the website/social media and included in the quarterly e-update to members.


All Ontario General Surgeons are encouraged to participate in the following surveys:

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CMPA: Grant Program
The CMPA Grant Program provides funding for research projects aimed at improving safe medical care and the quality of healthcare for Canadians by enabling physicians to practise safely.

RCPS(C) "The Future of General Surgery - Evolving to meet a changing practice": Final Report (Feb/14)

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