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Note: Current OAGS members who are leading or involved in academic surveys can post links here and on our monthly e-blasts.  Just forward a link to your survey along with a copy of your hospital/academic Research Ethics Board approval Our Research Committee will review it and if it is of interest to general surgery, we will subsequently post it here and/or on the next eblast. WE DO NOT GIVE OUT OUR CONTACT LIST. To curtail communications to our members, we do NOT circulate surveys in separate emails. If our committee deems it as of extraordinary significant importance to our section, circulation will be reconsidered. Contact:

All Ontario General Surgeons are encouraged to participate in the following surveys:

Survey: "Canadian Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction"
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Date Posted:  May 16, 2018
Survey Length: 5 minutes
REB Approval: UHN REB, Mar.29/18

Purpose: The National Research Consortium on Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction has launched a survey on May 1st, 2018. This is part of a CIHR funded project aimed to incorporate patient perspectives in breast reconstruction research.
This study uses the James Lind Alliance methodology, a new and proven method to bring together patients, care-givers and
clinicians to identify critical and unanswered research questions in breast reconstruction. Thank you for participating!
Video: Watch this video made by our JLA Steering Committee to explain why your participation in this survey is important:

Principle Investigator:  Dr. Toni Zhong, M.D., FRCS, MHS
Plastic Surgeon, Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network, Toronto
Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Clinical Research Coordinator:  Muna Hassan
Ph. (416) 340-4800 (x5799)

Clinical Trial: Improving Quality of Life for Patients With Breast Cancer Invading the Chest Wall: A Prospective Registry For Patients Undergoing Full Thickness Chest Wall Resection"
Trial Flyer; More Details

Date Posted:  October 2017

Purpose: This clinical trial is currently recruiting participants. Do you have a patient in your clinic that might be eligible? We are enrolling for a study tracking outcomes at Toronto General Hospital.  Breast cancers invading the chest wall are a difficult clinical problem, and little evidence exists to guide treatment decisions. Surgical resection can be a useful part of treatment for both curative and palliative purposes in select patients. We are carrying out a prospective trial to evaluate how surgery influences quality of life, and to measure locoregional recurrence, overall survival and morbidity in patients with recurrent breast cancer in the chest wall. Patients with primary tumors that invade the chest wall who fail chemotherapy and radiation therapy are also eligible. Please see linked study flyer for further information, contact Jen Lister (clinical trial coordinator) at (416) 340-4857 or (647) 678-9549 for referral information.

Principle Investigator:  Dr. Shaf Keshavjee / Dr. Alex Easson
University Health Network, Toronto
Clinical Trial Coordinator:  Jen Lister
Ph. (416) 340-4857 or (647) 678-9549

Breast Cancer Surgery Survey: "Attitudes and Practices Towards ICBN Preservation"
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Date Posted:  September 2017

Purpose:  to gain a better understanding of Canadian General Surgeons’ views and practices regarding intercostobrachial nerve preservation during axillary lymph node dissection for breast cancer surgery.

Principle Investigator:  Dr. Susan E. Reid, BA, MD, FRCSC
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Surgery
Faculty of Health Sciences
McMaster University
John A. Bauer Chair in Surgery
Research Coordinator:  Annie Lok
Ph. 905.525.9140 ext.21739,  Email:
Length:  19 questions / 5 minutes

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CMPA: Grant Program
The CMPA Grant Program provides funding for research projects aimed at improving safe medical care and the quality of healthcare for Canadians by enabling physicians to practise safely.

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