Resident News


Nov.2/19 - MD Financial Managment Presents...

MDFM / OAGS Inaugual Resident Breakfast Symposium:
"Planning Your Career as a General Surgeon - What No One Seems to Tell You about Finances and Starting a Practice"

Our first resident symposium had a great turnout of over 20 attendees on a Sunday morning consisting of new general surgeons, fellows and residents soon entering practice plus our panelists. Many stayed to ask more questions and we received a lot of positive feedback. We'd like to thank MD Financial Management for supporting us in this endeavour as well as future symposia, webinars and research grants in the coming years. Thanks to all who attended.

Special thank you to the following participants:

  • Mediator and OAGS Resident Rep Dr. Fahima Dossa, UofT
  • Elizabeth Karlinsky, CIM, MDFM Early Career Specialist
  • Karin Colbert, MDFM Sr. Financial Consultant, Early Career
  • Dr. Tim Jackson, Toronto, UofT
  • Dr. Kevin Lefebvre, Stratford, WesternU
  • Dr. Julie Ann Van Koughnett, London, WesternU
  • Dr. Chris Vinden, London, WesternU



  • Dr. Patrick Murphy (UWO, PGY2) has recently been voted by the OAGS board members to take over the OAGS Resident Representative position as of May 1, 2015. He succeeds Dr. Kellen Kieffer whom we wish all the best as he begins his new General Surgery practice at the Hanover and District Hospital.
  • Residents/Fellows who are non-members of the OAGS are welcome to become members for JUST $20!! This includes free admission to the fall OAGS Annual Meeting and all day meals (not inclusive of banquet).